The road to parenthood

Congratulations! You are pregnant, and what’s more, you are going to be a parent! You are now on a path that will bring new experiences, abilities, thoughts, emotions, and especially love. It’s going to be one interesting journey 

One advantage of pregnancy taking nine long months is that you and your partner get the chance to come to terms with how life is about to change forever. You can plan for the delivery, shop for the baby, talk about the future, and make the most of your kid-free time together. Now is the time to read up and get ready. Whether you are newly pregnant, or on your second or third pregnancy, you’ll find that there is plenty to think about, and routine doctor appointments, choosing a stroller, and arranging your maternity leave can sometimes eclipse the incredible reality that you are carrying a new life within you, and that your body is nuturing that life. The Baby Book is all about enjoying pregnancy and parenthood, while also coming to grips with the essentials so that you can take this incredible life stage all in your stride. It is reassuring to know, for instance, that emotions can swing between elation and blind panic within a matter of moments—and that is entirely normal.

A sound knowledge of what the next nine months hold, paves the way for a positive and happy pregnancy

This blog informs rather than alarms parents-to-be, and offers glimpses into how pregnancy and birth are embraced by cultures around the world. Most of all, it helps you to enjoy this exciting stage of life. Baby on Board takes you on a chronological journey through pregnancy, celebrating the amazing way your body adapts and the astonishing developments of your baby. Dip into topics, such as Does age matter? The risk roller coaster, what do babies do all day? and Will I get stretch marks? Deep Breaths explores labor from a psychological and a physical perspective, so that you and your partner feel as ready as possible for the big day. The Baby Book presents you with the facts and leaves you to make the decisions. Throughout, the book addresses the wider picture: that you are parents and what this means for you both. From cravings to being a birth partner, we give you facts and ideas to help you enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to the arrival of your baby.

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